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Liver of Sulfur Patina

To do a liver of sulfur patina it is necessary to mix the dry chemical, sulfurated potash, with water.  A ratio of 25 grams of sulfurated potash per gallon of water creates a solution that will make a dark black patina.  Adding less sulfurated potash to the solution will lighten the black and can take the color all the way to brown depending on the ratio used.  Just the right strength of solution will increase the number of different browns and blacknesses available.  Multiple applications of a weaker solution will darken the patina but will never take it to as dark of a black as a strong solution.  After mixing, the solution must rest and assimilate the water for a minimum of 4 hours but I prefer to let it rest overnight.

Next blog - Application Technique.

Michael P. Nolte - Patineur


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