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Foundry technology

Foundry technology has been around in one form or another for a long time.  Recent finds in China’s Yangtze valley date an iron foundry from 770 BC.  Another foundry, West Midland Branch Works, has operated continuously from 1709 until today, and is located in Birmingham, UK.  These examples and all the other foundries known and unknown have many things in common.  They all melt metal and pour it into molds to create a specific shape.  The mold materials vary and so do the metals used but the technique always relies on someone making an original design then transforming it through transitional stages to a finished item.  Modern foundry equipment such as gas and electric furnaces, welding equipment and power tools make foundries of today more efficient and safer than in the past but also allow for greater flexibility in design and accuracy of duplication.


Using this modern foundry technology, Vanguard creates flawless castings, welds and surfaces.  We duplicate every aspect of the artist’s original work in exquisite detail.  We use mold materials that pick up every texture in the original, even fingerprints left in clay or wax will show in the final metal casting.  We use welding materials and techniques that compliment the base metal and produce flawless welds that are invisible and patina exactly as does the entire sculpture.


Today’s modern technology  is tomorrow’s history, we know this and are always looking for better technology and materials to be more efficient and provide better, faster, and less expensive service to our clients.  Call us to discuss your present or next project; we always enjoy meeting people and seeing new projects.


Ed Sahagian-Allsopp


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